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Kathy Denver

Reviews Editor

‘There must be a better way to survive’. This quote could be taken as the slogan for the whole story of Og – the first ever preacher in human history. He was getting on in his years. He survived a lot, saw a lot. He simply did not want to get up in the morning and go on hunts. But he wanted to eat. And he wanted respect. It is understandable. Moreover, Og wanted status and something to pass on to his children and grandchildren. A very noble idea, don’t you think?

So, Og comes up with a very elaborate plan of naming spirits, praying to spirits, making sacrifices and so on. Og survived many storms, hunts, winds, changes of season. He is older than any in his tribe. He knows what comes after the storm… So, he makes it all up. And his plan is so elaborate and complex, it works. Og’s project grows and expands as the respect of his tribe grows, as Og’s family grows.

Jaime Reyes does a great job with creating a setting and environment for the story. The story is as simple as it is powerful. Laziness does move progress. Reyes’ Og is very believable. His motifs are reasonable and understandable. Og’s actions are interesting if somewhat naïve for the modern eyes. 

In the Beginning is a very good short read for anyone who wants to order their thoughts and reasoning about how did organize religion come about. And it just might have been as simple as Og or someone like him not wanting to get up in the morning. 

I would think, In The Beginning, is a good read for younger generations who only begin to ask questions and doubt everything around them. 

A very good short read to order one’s ideas and thoughts on the origins of religion.

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