In the Beginning

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It is 65,000 BC, and Neanderthals believe in spirit gods. Og is an ancient, exceptionally intelligent Neanderthal. As he sits in his cave sheltered from the vicious storm that rages outside, he knows there must be a better way to survive. Now all he has to do is convince his tribal troupe that he has the answers to their fears and apprehensions.

After he convinces Chief Olo that he can appease the spirit gods and end the storm by performing a ritual he learned from his father, Og puts on a colorful show with rattles, bones, and face paint. When the storm subsides and it becomes evident that Og displays some power over the elements, he begins to receive respect from most tribal members—except the insecure chief, who is threatened by him. But when Og saves the chief’s life, he makes way for Og to become the tribe’s first fully anointed priest and create a legend whose idea of persuasive idolization will spread throughout the old and new world and carry on into the future.

In the Beginning shares the compelling tale of a Neanderthal man’s journey as he becomes spiritual leader of his clan and passes his knowledge on to his descendants so they can continue to benefit.

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Todas las creencias religiosas tuvieron un comienzo. Alguien, en algún momento, en algún lugar, surgió la idea. Puede haber sido una epifanía, una invención de necesidad, o simplemente una idea descabellada. Independientemente de la fuente de inspiración, una persona o un pequeño grupo de individuos semejantes produjeron un germen de una idea que floreció en una potencia diseñada principalmente para algún tipo de beneficio, para manipular o controlar a otros. Es concebible que algunos innovadores religiosos inicialmente tenían más intenciones altruistas, pero en tiempo, la innovación se desarrolló en empresas disfrazadas. No es difícil creer que alguien tenía que convertirse en el primer sacerdote, chamán, guía espiritual o hechicero para realizar el beneficio de la organización y explotación de tales nociones primitivas. Esta es la historia de esa persona.


Jaime Reyes

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Jaime Reyes was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the US mainland when he was eight. He served in Vietnam as an Intelligence Agent and Analyst. He later owned a business and then served as a Deputy Sheriff. After retiring from law enforcement, he earned a BS in Communication/Journalism and continued to pursue his love of writing. In the Beginning is his first novel. “As a 12 year old, I wrote a report for a school newspaper, comparing ancient religions to modern ones. i researched Greek and Roman Mythology, Mohammedanism (as the Muslim religion was called at the time), Hindu, Christianity and others.
I came to the conclusion that none sprouted spontaneously and that someone or someones had to come up with the original idea from which they all gradually developed. I also realized that the ancient beliefs were as legitimate to those believers as the modern ones are to present followers. The idea of an original innovator lingered in my mind for many years. The story developed through the years until I finally decided to put it to paper.”
Jaime Reyes' Interview
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New novel tells a fictional tale of how the ‘business’ of religion developed

Jaime Reyes announces publication of debut novel, ‘In the Beginning’

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – Taking place in the Paleolithic era around the time when Neanderthals first met Cro-Magnon, Jaime Reyes’ debut novel “In the Beginning” (published by iUniverse) is the story of Og, the first priest who declared himself speaker for or representative of his tribe’s gods. The book is available for purchase at:

Og, due to his advanced age, has difficulty keeping up with the young hunters. To survive and be relevant, he places himself in a position of power in his village by claiming to speak for the gods. Offering to intercede on behalf of the tribe in exchange for a share of the hunt, Og develops the unexpectedly profitable idea into a power-producing enterprise. It is so profitable that he is determined to make sure his children and grandchildren never need go hungry. Through other characters such as his sons, daughters and one special granddaughter, the book demonstrates that even in that era, both men and women deserve equal opportunity.

“There is a great schism separating the various religions now followed. The fastest growing belief system in the US is atheism. While the book does not promote or demean any belief system, it does present a unique premise on just how the whole idea of organized religion came to be,” says Reyes, adding “I expect readers to see our ancestral cousins in a different light.”


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